Our services are delivered with a holistic approach that focuses on the integration of high quality clinical care, great food and dining experience, and individualised lifestyle activities to ensure our residents continue a high quality of life. 

Residential Aged Care

CraigCare Ascot Waters gives you the peace of mind that you are receiving the right type of care and support, and that your care will evolve as your needs change. To ensure our high standards are maintained, Registered Nurses are on staff 24-hours, 7-days per week to provide and oversee clinical care needs. Our quality medical team includes local visiting GPs, physiotherapists, dieticians, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and podiatrists. We also provide access to visiting dentists, optometrists and audiologists. And, we offer additional services tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Dementia Care

CraigCare’s I AM ME dementia program incorporates evidence-based practice from Montessori and Dementia Australia to minimise the negative impact of dementia. Our program acknowledges and celebrates the individual while promoting quality of life. The program is embedded across all aspects of our community living including:

The result is that our residents living with dementia are able to make meaningful contributions to maintain some independence, control and input into their community. Our aged care community offers specific dementia specialised services and provides secured environments to cater for all resident care needs.


Respite Care

CraigCare Ascot Waters offers respite care, otherwise known as short-term care. This can be used for relief following an illness, fall, accident or hospital stay or for carers or family members to take a short break to recharge their own well-being.

Palliative Care

CraigCare Ascot Waters has Registered Nurses with palliative care expertise. We partner with local palliative care teams and doctors to ensure best practice in management of pain, provision of comfort, respect and emotional support. We do everything in our power to ensure that all needs are met to ensure a dignified end of life, with a holistic approach covering all aspects including physical, social and spiritual. CraigCare implements its award winning End of Life Trajectory tool.

This tool provides clinicians with clear directives of stipulating the advanced care planning strategies to support residents in alignment with their palliative trajectory. It ensures choices and goals of residents is paramount. It empowers staff in making decisions for residents that are supportive of outcomes that promote quality of life. CraigCare’s palliative care approach is tailored according to individual needs, which means the services offered will be different for each resident.

Pastoral Care

CraigCare understands a person’s spiritual well-being goes hand in hand with their physical well-being. Our dedicated and compassionate team of pastoral carers provide a range of counselling and spiritual care to you and your whole family. There are regular visits from the local Anglican, Catholic, or any other denominational churches. Alternatively, we can arrange for your local priest or minister to visit our community.

Quality Team

CraigCare is proud of its highly qualified and well-trained team of carers and support staff. Our staff are carefully selected and we invest in keeping them happy. As a result, they tend to stay a long time. This benefits our residents by allowing them to develop strong, longer-term bonds with their carers and support crew.

A key initiative of CraigCare relating to staff and their development is our HATs (High Achieving Teams) program. This is a program designed for continuous improvement in our services to residents with five areas of focus: teamwork, dining experience, clinical service, customer service and lifestyle.

CraigCare has been one of Australia’s most respected and trusted residential aged care providers for over 40 years. We do absolutely everything possible to make sure our aged care communities feel as close to home as possible.

We do this through forming and maintaining a strong sense of connection – connection to the right medical team, connection to family and friends, connection to staff, connection to nature, and connection to the local Perth community.

As your loved one’s ageing journey advances, you will have peace of mind knowing we’ll be right there, supporting you and your loved one through every stage, with access to our clinical expertise inclusive of dementia and palliative care services, and ongoing lifestyle support.

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