Specialised support for memory impairment. 

CraigCare’s focus is on creating safe, caring, inclusive and purposeful home like environments for those living with dementia. There are fun and frequent activities planned and facilitated by therapists, carers and lifestyle coordinators so you can continue to enjoy life and feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment each day. Our commitment is to deliver clinical care in a holistic model that puts the individual first. We call this I AM ME.

The services for residents with dementia are continually being reviewed to ensure they are delivered in accordance with CraigCare’s Dementia Model of Care, I AM ME. This dementia model is based on a holistic approach which aligns with CraigCare’s core values of Respect, Kindness, Individuality, Joy and Relationships & Communities.

  • Individuality– respect and celebrate each individual – past, present and future person
  • Ability– Promote current and develop potential ability for each individual
  • Motivate– Engage in activities and events to motivate feelings of purpose and connection
  • Memories– Trigger memories to promote inner wellbeing and sense of self
  • Empowerment– Empower to feel in control, valued and safe emotionally and physically

CraigCare’s I AM ME dementia program incorporates evidence-based practice from Montessori and Dementia Australia to minimise the negative impact of dementia. The program acknowledges and celebrates the individual while promoting quality of life. The result is that people living with dementia are able to make meaningful contributions to maintain some independence and control and input into their community.

To find out more download our Care Model Brochure

Quality Team

CraigCare is proud of its highly qualified and well-trained team of carers and support staff. Our staff are carefully selected and we invest in keeping them happy. As a result, they tend to stay a long time. This benefits our residents by allowing them to develop strong, longer-term bonds with their carers and support crew.

A key initiative of CraigCare relating to staff and their development is our HATs (High Achieving Teams) program. This is a program designed for continuous improvement in our services to residents with five areas of focus: teamwork, dining experience, clinical service, customer service and lifestyle.

CraigCare has been one of Australia’s most respected and trusted residential aged care providers for over 40 years. We do absolutely everything possible to make sure our aged care communities feel as close to home as possible.

We do this through forming and maintaining a strong sense of connection – connection to the right medical team, connection to family and friends, connection to staff, connection to nature, and connection to the local Perth community.

As your loved one’s ageing journey advances, you will have peace of mind knowing we’ll be right there, supporting you and your loved one through every stage, with access to our clinical expertise inclusive of dementia and palliative care services, and ongoing lifestyle support.

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